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i mean this thing, what are we doing???

i don't know... i'm happy. aren't you happy?

you're happy???

you're not???

well all we do is argue!

that is bullshit!


this can't come as a total surprise for you, we've been like sid and nancy for months now...

summer... sid stabs nancy, 7 times at the kitchen... i mean... we had our disagreements but i hardly think i'm sid vicious...

no... i'm sid...

oh so i'm nancy...


aaaaaaaargh hahahahhahahhaha

i always laugh at this part... don't know why... i think it's the weather....

what's that?

oh sure fine I'll upload any good thing if ever i got the chance...

but seriously...

komik kon pala???
  • Eating: nilagang baka + noodles + extra seasoning...
By just living one's life, sadness accumulates here and there,
be it in the sheets hung out in the sun to dry, the toothbrushes in the bathroom,
and the history logs of the mobile phone.

"I still like you, even now"
So wrote the lady I had dated three years ago in her email.
"But even if we were to exchange a thousand emails..."
"...our hearts would probably not move one centimeter closer together."

In the last several years, I have forged ahead without any regard,
just to touch what I cannot reach.
That email was a definite indicator of that fact
Without understanding the sources from which...
this menacing thought surged forth from, I continued working.

When I at last noticed, my heart had already become
hard from gradual loss of its youthful vitality.
And on a certain morning when I at last came to an earnest realization...
that I had lost everything that was beautiful,
I knew I was at my limits,
and quit the company.

Yesterday, I had a dream.
A dream I have had since long ago.
In that dream, we had yet to turn 13.
We were in a vast countryside completely covered with snow,
the lights of houses extended far into the distance, a dazzling sight.
We walked on the thick carpet of fresh snow,
but did not leave any footprints.
And like that,
"Someday, we will be able to watch the cherry blossoms together again,"
"both of us, without any doubts at all,"
That's what we thought.

bitin amp...
40 Day Dream - Edward Sharp And The Magnetic Zeros *
Amarillion - Datarock *
Astair - Matt Costa *
Bed Side Manner - Dawes
Black And Blue - The Maids Of Honor *
Congratulations - MGMT
Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol *
Faces In The Dark - Generationals
Hold On - Wilson Phillips
Holiday - Vampire Weekend *
In My Sleep - Austin Hartley-Leonard, Kendall Jane Meade *
Living A Lie - Daniel Zott *
Model Homes - In-Flight Safety
Permalight - Rouge Wave
Respect - Otis Redding
Section 9 - Polyphonic Spree
A Sleep Be Told - The Traditionist
Wait it Out - Imogen Heap
Sundial - Wolfmother *
Me And You - She And Him *
Bears - Sam Isaac *
All The Wine - The National *
Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit *


-I'm re-downloading the EVA Rebuild series in hd quality. just because Unit 02 kicked so much ass! and this series has probably got the most graceful and powerful running animation sequence of all the animated movies I've seen, 2D or 3d, ever, And it's done by an 80 meter tall (...beast locked in binders which makes it look like a) mecha...

-Akira, looks cool... still downloading

-Byousoku 5 Centimeter, I've been reading a lot of reviews of this OVA saying it's good (and it seems pretty interseting considering the fact that the storyline started in 1990)... still downloading

-I just finished Love Hina a couple of weeks ago... it's still fun to watch it after ages.

-Ikkitousen (is that right?) was recommended by a friend... finding DL time and Hardrive space...

-oh and Nausicaa and the the Valley of the Wind... ho yes!!! I'm sure I'll make some fan arts of that...

new animation projects... still nothing...

Gundam/Gunpla projects...
-hoping to finish Wing Zero before July Ends... WIPs are being blogged...
-GAT X-105 Aile Strike Gundam... for pla-plating...
-CBMS GN-001 Exia...
-2 MSJ06 A Tieren... 1 for Texturing, green camo... 1 probably to be remade into a High Mobility Type in dessert camo, Sergei Smirnov Colors...

fine... that's too much for plans...

Still Hasn't fixed my new room...

Mom's Bulalo + noodles + Spring Onions + Black Pepper + everything else = Badabones Special

(wanting to try noodles with tinolang manok, noodles with something else with something spicy, noodles with curry?)

Bread sticks dipped in Mayo + Cheese + Pepper

Hotdog Sandwich + Chili con Carne + Mustard +

why do I want to write these down?...
  • Listening to: Those
  • Reading: These
  • Watching: Those
  • Playing: Arkham Asylum/Splinter Cell
"do you know why people have eyes at the front?

it's for us to see the vast landscape and move forward.

if we had eyes on our back, we'd only see ourselves leaving our birthplace.

we have eyes at the front so that when we walk, the distant landscape draws closer.

that's why people can move forward...."
  • Listening to: the old playlists...
  • Watching: gurren lagann
  • Playing: cnc4
first of all....



I know it been like 3 months since the movie's release...








:angered: :frustrated: :angered: :frustrated: :angered: :frustrated: :angered: :frustrated:

  • Listening to: Oasis, Third Eye Blind, She And Him, Your Vegas
  • Watching: fucking nothing!
SHITHLORD  : is it better to sell my robots?
SHITHLORD  : and have a change of pace
FIGARO99999: now that's tge best idea you've come up with since forever
FIGARO99999: hahah
FIGARO99999: not encouraging you though
FIGARO99999: haha
FIGARO99999: ano yun?
SHITHLORD  : shet net yan
FIGARO99999: hmmmm
FIGARO99999: di natin alam magiging value nyan sa future
FIGARO99999: but if you sell it now
FIGARO99999: you're bound to get something
FIGARO99999: but
FIGARO99999: pinaghirapan mo yang ipunin eh
FIGARO99999: its up to you
FIGARO99999: its
FIGARO99999: up
FIGARO99999: to
FIGARO99999: you
SHITHLORD  : zombieland at 33%
SHITHLORD  : donnie darko, observe and report, godfather123, MI3, zombieland, what women want, cake eaters 40 yr old virgin
FIGARO99999: and dont forget
FIGARO99999: "your life"
SHITHLORD  : my life?
FIGARO99999: yeah
FIGARO99999: greggy's life
SHITHLORD  : i know
FIGARO99999: haha
SHITHLORD  : anak de puta
SHITHLORD  : sa enterprise sya?!?!
SHITHLORD  : yung seller
FIGARO99999: ha
SHITHLORD  : yung seller
FIGARO99999: ...
SHITHLORD  : sa enterprise nagtatrabaho
FIGARO99999: that was quick
SHITHLORD  : iba to
SHITHLORD  : di yung kanina
FIGARO99999: no
FIGARO99999: i mean
FIGARO99999: that was quick
FIGARO99999: kanina your mentioning that you'd sell your toys
FIGARO99999: and now you think of buying a new one?
FIGARO99999: odd
FIGARO99999: haha
SHITHLORD  : i meant robots
FIGARO99999: freckled minded
SHITHLORD  : i meant robots
  • Listening to: Led Zep, The Kooks Live, Your Vegas Live
  • Watching: Back to the Future, Pirates at world's end
... currently building a new heart...

... currently feeling nervous in waiting for something coming...

... currently feeling bad I'm spending so much on something I don't want (now)...

... currently feeling excited and hyper but tired and sleepy...

... currently feeling ...

... empty... like it's the summer after highschool...

... which is dumb...

... currently ...

... currently doing nothing important in my life right now...

  • Listening to: Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground
  • Watching: The Fall, Lymelife, Adventure Land, Two Lovers
  • Playing: with a handrill, soldering iron, and some pliers
  • Eating: whatever
  • Drinking: water still... and pitchfull of nestea
I fixed my heart...literaly...…



Let's wind it up again...

I can't see a reason for us not to...


okay so maybe we can see one,... or 7 reasons why we needed to stop...

...but can we?




  • Listening to: Casettes Won't Listen, The Thermals, ++
  • Watching: Knocked Up to Pineapple Express kind of movies...
  • Eating: whatever
  • Drinking: water still...
what to get next...

list of what I'm eager to get:
-Legacy of bumblebee 3-pack
-Henkei Ramjet
-Universe G1 Starscream
-voyager Inferno
-voyager Dropshot
-deluxe Tankor
-legends Bumblebee
-legends Brawn
-legends Jazz
-maybe some Mr. Potato Heads?

list of others but could do without:
-ROTF Bumblebee
-ROTF leader class Optimus Prime
-anything ROTF
-maybe some Mr. Potato Heads?
-some other transformers stuff...

list of what I'm waiting to see at any shelves:
-Henkei Universe Redalert
-G1 Accurate Powerglide

clearing my mind of "things"...

transformers, these days, might have been my way of compensate myself...

And I've been thinking of getting myself the whole lot of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and others, at least when I'm on a better self.

I need a life...

I'm still getting over my stomach ache (for a week. I'm thinking it's the coffee or something else.)

I still don't know what I'm doing with you...

I still hate August...

And I'm hoping September would be better...

...and I'm loving Ebay...

...and I thought I'd stop updating my Life In Progress...

-Autobots, Let's roll!!!-
  • Listening to: bon iver, frightened rabbit, grand archives, ++
  • Reading: fables and reflections
  • Watching: chuck s2 marathon
  • Eating: everything
  • Drinking: water for a change
Ive got...

23 Styrofoam sheets, all sizes,
a lot of Styrofoam balls, every size...
a lot of acrylic paints, and they smell...
a lot of glue...
the old box that should've been wall-e now...
a lot of different rolls of paper, cartolnas, metalics, felt, rigid, and others...
about 33 hot melt glue sticks...
a lot of illustration boards, mostly in 1/4...
some bristols...
some other stuff taken from computer stuffs and gadgets...
some other metallic stuff like bendable pipes...
some other stuff ... you could say... weird...
and the uncompleted Wing Gundam Zero Custom Custom...

all of which should've put together by now... to form the big daddy...
  • Listening to: fleet foxes, band of horses, vampire weekend,
  • Reading: A Game Of You
  • Watching: knocked up (again for later)
  • Playing: with Grindcore
  • Eating: homemade pizza
  • Drinking: something not carbonated...
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!

1. How are you feeling today?
The Song Remains The Same - Led Zeppelin

2. Will you get far in life?
Faster - Third Eye Blind

3. How do your friends see you?
House Of Cards - Radiohead

4. Will you get married?
Still Can't - The Cranberries

5. What is your best friend's theme song?
Something's Missin - John Mayer

6. What is the story of your life?
If Not Now - Tracy Chapman

7. What was high school like?
Black Star - Radiohead

8. How can you get ahead in life?
10 Days Late - Third Eye Blind

9. What is the best thing about your friends?
I Am The Walrus - The Beatles (...f*ck me...)

10. What is in store for this weekend?
Show Me - John Legend

11. To describe your grandparents?
Something's Missing - John Mayer

12. How is your life going?
Cruisin' Together - Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis

13. What song will they play at your funeral?
Slow Motion - Third Eye Blind

14. How does the world see you?
Anmimal Instinct - The Cranberries

15. Will you have a happy life?
Are You Happy Now - Michelle Branch

16. What do your friends really think of you?
Get Over It - Avril Lavigne

17. Do people secretly lust after you?
Gomenasai - Tatu (i don't even know the meaning of this song, in fact i never even listened to this closely)

18. How can I make myself happy?
Gravity - Perfect Circle (oh yes, work against me)

19. What should you do with your life?
Shaker Maker - Oasis

20. Will you ever have children?
You Get Me - Michelle Branch

21. What song would you strip to?
Rock and Roll Music - The Beatles (WHAT THE DEMONRY IS THIS!?!?)

22. If a man in a van offered you candy, what would you do?
In My Time Of Dying - Led Zeppelin

23. What does your mom think of you?
You're Going To Lose That Girl - The Beatles (AROUCH!!!)

24. What is your deep dark secret?
No Such Thing - John Mayer

25. What is your mortal enemy's theme song?
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin   (WTF! SYA BA?!)

26. What's your personality like?
Fall To Pieces - Avril Lavigne

27. Which song will be played at your wedding?
Moon Turn To Tides Gently Away - Jimi Hendrix

28. If you were to become the Dictator of a small Eastern-European nation, would you be a benevolent Dictator?
Retina In The Sky - Idiot Pilot

29. What are your aspirations?
Galapogos - Smashing Pumpkins

30. What goes through your head when you wake up?
This Moment - Disturbed

BIG HELL! everything in it was so spot on!
I mean it's not really it but i can't deny it...

  • Listening to: kitchie nadal, third eye blind, incubus
  • Watching: Joan of Arcadia S2
  • Playing: with Ratchet
  • Eating: homemade pizza

Naglalakad ka sa kalye, nababasa ng ulan
Feeling mo kakalawangin ka, eh hindi naman!

Umiinom ka ng gatas,na may kahalong gas
Naglalaklak ka ng langis, lumalabas na pawis
Ang 'yong mata, namumula sa galit
Ang 'yong katawa'y namimilipit
Bakit mo ba ako pinipilit
Kung ako'y alimango, ika'y aking sinipit
Buhay mo'y walang kakulay-kulay
Hinde ka ba nagsasawa't nauumay
Kulang na lang tubuan ka ng sungay
Tumigil ka na nga't umuwi na lang sa bahay
Sumasayaw ka ng mag-isa,
Lalo ka lang nagmumukhang tanga
Kasingtigas ng bakal ang ulo mo
Hoy gago! robot ka ba?

Robot ka ba? robot ka ba?
Robot ka ba? robot ka ba?
Robot ka ba? robot ka ba?
Robot ba kayo? robot ba kayo?
Robot ka ba? robot ka ba?
Robot ka ba? robot ka ba?
Robot ka ba? robot ka ba?
Ako hinde...

Bawat yapak mo sa lupa, nabibiyak ang daan
Feeling mo anggaan-gaan mo, eh hindi naman!

Magdamag nakaharap sa pc, magdamag ka ring nagyoyosi
Magdamag ka ring nagkakape, pati ipis ay iyong kinakarate!
Bakit ba ang hilig mong magsingit-singit
Bakit gusto mo laging paulit-ulit
Hindi ka naman sour, hindi ka naman sweet
Tumigil ka na nga't wag kang makulit
Araw-araw ka na lang kumakanta
Ibang diyos ang iyong sinasamba
Gabi-gabi iba't ibang sumasampa
Kung alam mo lang, hindi sila sumasaya
Hindi mo ba alam na wala kang kwenta
Ba't 'di ka na lang mangholdap sa philcoa
Tumbling ka nang tumbling sa may buhangin
Robot ka ba?

Repeat chorus

Pumunta ka sa laot, ikaw ang nagsasagwan
Feeling mo marunong ka, eh hindi naman!

Ang kwentong ito'y tungkol sa isang tao
Na walang kinikilala kahit na sino
Ipis, kabayo, baboy o tsonggo
Hindi patatawarin kahit pa pabo
Nakasuot siya ng salamin, kung saan-saan tumitingin
'tinuring na iskolar pa mandin
Ngunit hanggang sampu lang ang kayang bilangin!
Hindi kami rappers, hindi kami boyband!
Kami lang po ay nagkakantahan
Kung kayo po ay naiingayan, pwede bang umalis na lamang!
Kung naiinis na po kayo, pwede bang umalis na lamang dito
Anong pakialam ko, ewan ko sa inyo
Robot ba kayo!

Repeat chorus

  • Listening to: donavon frankenreiter, barbie, porcupine tree
  • Watching: gundam seed
  • Playing: prime
  • Eating: coke+royal
  • Drinking: royal+coke
whatever brain damage hit me, i'm inspired to let my hands bleed again. and it's a good thing.

if you don't have any idea of what i went through just by finishing this little movie-… - part 1… - part 2

here's a quick list...

i spent about a month planning the main plot, props, what to use, and how to use them. i also sketched some rough story boards, which maybe only i could understand. and i also sketched other story boards for sequels and prequels.

planing the bases was the easy part. all those moving doors, the drawn computers, the sizes of the windows and doors and just how high they should be in order to make the guns and soldiers fit. how to make the gates slide wasn't as tough as hell.

making them was where my fingers started to bleed. damn freakin rulers. everytime i try to cut boards using a scalpel, it would (at most) slice through the ruler which i am holding, and  eventually slice through the tip of my pointing finger of my left hand. and that would hurt like hell. after covering up with band aid, i would be forced in using my middle finger, which would again be cut. that happened twice.

twice in making the movie. not counting the other times i used the good'ol cutter.

damn cutter.

the helicopter scenes were the first ones i shot. which, after seeing how it turned out, got me to proceeding in making the movie until it's finished. a lot of people were asking how i made the blade turn without hands. damn people, probably haven't got a clue on basic editing. no offense. damn people. hells. i guess it's them who makes a movie look awesome. so how did i do it? i shot the chopper stationary on its landing pad, while shooting, i turned the blades with my hands. then i cut the part where i flicked it when i'm editing it, then i played it backwards, cut the part where the blades were turning fast, copied and pasted it to make it turn for longer durations, some more tweaking, and it looked like it actually turned by itself. no motors, no strings, no special effects. just like the good old days of movie making where nothing is digital.


2 months of shooting it in a tight space on a hot afternoon. sometimes as early as 8 in the morning.

nights were spent building buildings.

the last month of shooting was also spent on editing.

about three and a half months.

and the kid (my young brother) wasn't that easy to get along with. and it turned out most of the watchers didn't like having the kid push the toys around. damn people.



THE SEQUEL (if ever)

i'm thinking of a new title. or retain it as is. BBB.

future planned episode titles goes as follows:
     a battle through a (big 1/35 scale) city in ruins.
     lots of building explosions.
     tank battles.
     flanking runs.
     like the march to berlin.

     it's up next. how the battle goes is being refined. and this is a much more bigger production. ill try to make the city as detailed as possible.

-DEEP GREEN DEMENTIA (working title)
     a battle in a jungle.
     more like the movie "APOCALYPSE NOW"
     tribals would be replaced with a TAN SKELETON ARMY (which would be tan's new weapon).
     and the green would have to kill them because it's what they do (kill tan)
     i currently have two boats which look like exactly as the ones used in the movie. at the same scale

     but this episode may not get into production, the original setting is at the back of are house where the drainage goes (and it looks like a small river) but it is currently overrun by thick plants. so shooting there is much more difficult in shooting the first.







(but if TF2ROTF would be so awesome, i'd probably transfer all efforts to making a transformers animation... which is way more comfortable and hand friendly.)
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  • Watching: old archives
  • Playing: with army men
I have just recovered my older files stuck of my external harddrive and found old brushes i used to work with. they were from other deviants from wayback, back to my older account.

this is a list of deviants whose brushes i got used to before my new shithlord account. i don't know if they still exist but probably still worth mentioning.


about my older account, whatever happened to it, it doesn't really matter since all the works posted there are still kept in those brown envelopes , some framed. i'm thinking of posting them again but haven't really got the time. probably i would still just keep it kept where they are and visit them in the future.


anyways, if ever i get to uploading new works. some credit could be worth theirs.
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  • Reading: old stuff
  • Watching: old stuff
  • Playing: old stuff
  • Eating: old stuff
  • Drinking: old stuff
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  • Reading: the keypad
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  • Eating: sisig
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i just added a new set of favorites called "the wall".

i don't know what got into me, but i'm eager to paint my wall with everything.

john mayer, jimmy hendrix, artoo, jack bauer, wall-e, some movie posters, the dark knight, the last son, the kid who blew up the deathstar, the kid who ruined starwars,... more others.

... but only if i get the wall i wanted.

probably just a plain john mayer wall.

... or robots.
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and there were goodnights and nytnyts...
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i can't draw dammit!!! it feels like i'm losing it again. maybe it's just that i haven't really got time these days to sit down and let it out on the table like yesteryear.

drawing will be my life, and it feels like it's going down. i'll probably be pausing my work on the bionicle project for a while and resume it on summer, and the wall-e thing is really getting in to me. could be next but i never know.

feels like hell. i remember putting those words in my old school papers - "hell is highschool", feels like college is the demon. speaking of demon, the sandman is growing on me. all those thoughts about hell... they're simple and somehow true, but there's something special in the way how the writer uses the words, or how he presents things.

just saw the ironman statue the other day...15k plus. probably not worth it. it just looks like a bigger version of hasbro's ironman figure. the 1:2 head bust looks better. maybe i'll just get the koto statue based on mcquarrie's concept painting of luke and vader on a duel. finally thinking of getting something worth it.

i just talked with an old friend of mine about some day ago, met him in a local foodstop. and he's already got a job. it's not a real job you can live forever on but at least he's got a job, and he enjoys it, and it has a lot of "bonus" things you can get. hells. lucky for him.

by the way, today was one of those days where everything just gets to me. the days where i get the feeling of my time being wasted when i know i could  be out there being busy on other things and being productive, could have saved money too.

normally, i'm out of the house before 6am followed by a leisurely walk to class. instead, i woke up at about 9am when my class would start at 1020am. i have to take a bath in the cold water on a cold morning, got out of the house skipping breakfast, at least my mom drove me to the train station (with the face...). at least i got a good morning from someone while in the train. i got to class somehow, not late but not early. but i fell asleep as usual.

lunch...i sdhjteyik5rhafery7urkfhsdfgeuik7uwawD1. i was only giving her what she want, and i think she's the one whose said never to assume again or something. hells....

i was there with some friends. i thought were staying a little longer until someone said if we could eat back at schoool. somehow i managed to stay a whil a little longer putting ketchup and dressing on my hotdog. but some friends are really demanding. not in a bad way but you know what i mean. so i did got out holding the hotdog on one hand and the juice on the other.

aioeuthwohtfojeiohwtivbweksgweftegfkjanfiuwhfqdnifd qwghf iwfhqwif qifh qifj qiufg weufg wufweuf u fbuwe fuwg fksdngish cviqw bdkqngiwq drkqnb fiwbncgyafcfbv.

there it is. the big crap. not the  something or someone in particular. i don't usually backstab other people seriously but i'm not saying i don't. that's not the whole but i'm stopping.


i've been typing a lot about things, since way back, some how, as time pass by, the thoughts i've had before when i was typing them seem to be different from the those when i'm reading it again (after some time). and it would seem like nothing mattered.

big crap.

i think my time capsule just went digital.
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